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Economics of Education

Instructor: Dr. Adrien Bouguen 

Offered: spring term 2017

Method (hours per week): lecture (3)

Course level: Bachelor

Course language: Englisch

Prerequisites: Microeconomics I, Statistics I

Examination: Class participation (20%), presentation & discussant (30%) and final exam (50%)

ECTS-Credits: 6

Course description:

What can economists possibly say about education? Dealing with the important economic issues linked to education, I will present an overview of the main theoretical and empirical knowledge available. The topics covered in this course will include: the impact of class size, the teacher quality, the returns to education, the link between health or criminal behaviour and education, the role of school choice and of tuition fees in higher education, and the measurement of peer effects. Throughout the semester, I will discuss empirical methodologies used to analyze education systems worldwide. Examples will be taken from both developing and developed countries. 

Goals of the course:
Introducing students to the available literature on education and to the methodology used to analyze education systems worldwide. At the end the semester, students will be acquainted to rigorous quantitative methods used to analyze education and will have been in contact with the most prominent results available in the economics of education. 

Requirements for the assignment of ECTS credits:

Students will first be required to participate actively in class discussions. Secondly, during the 45 minutes seminar, every week, one student (or two depending on the number of students) will present during 30 minutes an empirical scientific paper. Another student will play the role of a discussant. The final exam will form the rest of the mark.  

Contact person: FSS 2017 Economics of EducationDr. Adrien Bouguen, Raum 1.31, Tel.: +49 621 181 1941, E-Mail:

Office hours: by appointment