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Basic econometrics

Course title: Grundlagen der Ökonometrie

Instructor: Prof. Dr. Markus Frölich

Offered: every spring term

Method (hours per week): lecture (2) + tutorial (2)

Course level: Bachelor

Course language: German

Prerequisites: Statistik I + II

Examination: written, 90 minutes plus 2 exercises (take-homes)

ECTS-Credits: 6

Course description:

The course provides an introduction into the basic econometrics methods. It covers the multiple regression model, the OLS estimator and its properties, basic principles of asymptotic theory, omitted variable bias, hypothesis testing, model specification, selection and diagnostics,  perfect and imperfect multicollinearity, nonlinear models and instrumental variable estimation. The theoretical properties of the methods are discussed and their application is demonstrated via empirical illustrations. The course is accompanied by a tutorial covering theoretical as well as empirical exercises.

Contact person: Prof. Dr. Markus Frölich, email: mannsperger(at), L7, 3 - 5, room 107, phone 181-1845 (secretary's office)