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Statistics and Stata

Instructor: Dr. Alexandra Avdeenko, Dr. Ingo Steinke

Prerequisite: Basic Stata skills of advantage 

Offered: spring semester 2017

Method (hours per week): lecture (2), tutorium (1)

Course level: Bachelor 

Course language: English

ECTS-Credits: 7

Course Description: The course gives an introduction into the data management in Stata. In the first part elementary statistical methods and linear regression are discussed and executed with Stata. Moreover, students will learn how to conduct Monte-Carlo simulations. These are important for the verification of implementations and are used as a important tool to analyze the small sample properties of estimators and tests. Finally, advanced statistical models are examined, e.g. nonlinear regression models, binary and multinomial models and panel data models. 


Contact person: Dr. Ingo Steinke, Tel.: (0621) 181-1940, E-Mail:; Dr. Alexandra Avdeenko, Tel.: (0621) 181-3500, E-Mail: