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E564 Impact evaluation, treatment effects, causal analysis



Course title: E564 Impact evaluation, treatment effects, causal analysis

Number of participants: 25

Instructor: Dr. Juanita Vasquez-Escallon

Offered: spring term 2015

Method (hours per week): lecture (2)

Course level: Master

Course language: Englisch

Prerequisites: for Economics students: E600, E601, E602, E603 or equivalent, for Business Mathematics students: advanced knowledge of econometrics (not suitable for MMM students)

Examination: written, 120 minutes

ECTS-Credits: 5

Course description: In this course, recent developments in nonparametric impact evaluation are examined, covering the topics: selection on observables, matching, dynamic treatment evaluation, nonparametric IV, difference-in-difference, quantile regression, nonparametric regression, semiparametric regression.

Contact person: Juanita Vasquez-Escallon, Zimmer 104, Tel.: +49-621-181-1843, E-Mail: vasquez-escallon(at)

Office hours: nach Vereinbarung