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Dr. Niels Kemper

Research interest

Development Economics and Impact Evaluation

Randomized evaluations (ongoing)

"Providing insurance for good repayment performance: The individual emergency fund, Philippines." [Trial Registry]

"Overconfidence, underconfidence and the use of persuasive messages in the attainment of savings goals." [Trial Registry]

"Do transparent moneyboxes increase savings? A note on visual feedback and savings behavior." [Trial Registry]

"Workers' health and enterprises profits: Evidence from an occupational safety and health program in manufacturing enterprises." [Trial Registry]

Current working papers

"Pronatal property rights over land and fertility outcomes: Evidence from a natural experiment in Ethiopia." (with Daniel Ayalew Ali and Klaus Deininger) [PDF] Policy Research Working Paper 7419 [Link]

"Culture and the formation of gender-specific skills in an agrarian society." (with Pia Unte) [PDF]

"Unfair incentives: A behavioral note on sharecropping." (with Heiner Schumacher) [PDF] [Appx.]

"Representation of property rights and credit market outcomes: Evidence from a land reform in Vietnam." (with Rainer Klump and Heiner Schumacher) [PDF]


"Property rights and consumption volatility: Evidence from a land reform in Vietnam." (with Luu Viet Ha and Rainer Klump). World Development, 2015, 71, 107-30.  [Link] [Appx.]

"Balanced growth and structural breaks: Evidence for Germany." (with Dierk Herzer and Luca Zamparelli). Empirical Economics, 2011, 40 (2), 409-24. [Link]

Policy papers and book chapters

"Enhancing clients’ livelihoods: Design, implementation and impact evaluation of decent work innovations in microfinance." (with Bernd Balkenhol, Markus Frölich and Patricia Richter) Swiss Journal of Business Research and Practice, 2012, 4, 371-86. [PDF]

"Financial shock-coping in rural Thailand and Vietnam." (with Rainer Klump, Lukas Menkhoff and Ornsiri Rungruxsirivorn) In Klasen, Stephan and Hermann Waibel (Eds.) Vulnerability to poverty: Theory, measurment and determinants, Palgrave Macmillan. [PDF]

"Shock-coping and household finance in rural Vietnam: Evidence and some implications." (with Rainer Klump) In Morelli, Emanuela, Onnis, Amsicora, Ammann, Walter and Corina Sutter (Eds.) Microinsurance: An innovative tool for risk and disaster management, GRF, Davos. [PDF]


Guest blog at Dani Jaimovich's Development Therapy (April 2012)  [Link]


Spring Term 2013 Development Economics - Experimental approaches (Master)
Spring Term 2012 Development Economics - Credit, Savings and Insurance (Master)